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In this beautiful place you will be far away from noise, pollution. At the same time you can enjoy your time in our comfortable places and learn a little of Mexican history a cross from each room of our hotel. “La posada del emperador” is designed in colonial style in order to make you feel, breathe and live the history.

The house of “La posada del emperador” was built in earliest 1800s (between 1822 and 1824) to be used by one of the most important families of the city. Over the time it changed of owners several times. On 2004 this building was restored by Coria, Alvarez and Vargas families in order to let the people enjoy this beautiful place.

Logo de La Posada del EmperadorEarly 2008 the hotel had its opening and is named “La posada del emperador”. The that name was gived in honor of Moctezuma y Maximiliano de Habsburgo emperor.

“La posada del emperador” is characterized by a kindly, warm, cordial and friendly atmosphere which was created as a consequence of the need for traveling alternatives and places to rest. The goal of “La posada del emperador” is to provide a very special hosting service whose main difference is the diffusion of cultural and natural aspects of the region around the city where is placed Coscomatepec, Veracruz.

Áreas verdes de La Posada del EmperadorWide windows, spacious halls, gardens and colorful flowers are just some characteristics that our guests enjoy during their stay. Every place you go will help you experiment a bit of history. Throughout its history many important people have stayed at "La posada del emperador", such as President Benito Juárez on 1857, the Mexican poet Guillermo Prieto and Trasury Minister, the emperator Maximiliano de Habsburgo on 1864,the children's songwriter Fancisco Gabilondo soler “Cri Cri” between 1920 and 1940 and the priest San Rafael Guizar y Valencia. The house has a chapel which was blessed by Luis Minive y Escobar Tlaxcala catholic bishop. The house has a 1.5 kms tunnel used by people who needed to escape from the government in the epoch called “the Time of the conservatives” (this age was characterized by the oppression and assassination of people who disagreed with the goverment).

Nowadays “la Posada del emperador” has:

  • • 15 thematic rooms with colonial and middle XIX century furniture
  • Hostal
  • Restaurant "La Carreta"
  • Bar "Mi Viejo"
  • Cafeteria "La Estación"
  • Chapel
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • TV
  • SPA
  • Prehispanic Temazcal
  • swimming pool
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • babysitter
  • childen games

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We hope to give us the opportunity to serve you like you spect. We are shure that you will find "La posada del emperador" and its services pleasant and enjoyable

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Imagen de Coscomatepec

Coscomatepec, Veracruz, is a central destination which may be combined with other nearby destinations. It is located at 90 minutes of Veracruz port, at 45 minutes of the Orizaba city, an at 25 minutes of Fortin city (beautiful cities which provide an incomparable gastronomy and a delicious coffee culture)

If you like going to the mountains to get away from the stress, you can see, breathe and live for a little while in our forests or live an adventure on the volcano “pico de Orizaba” (or citlaltepetl). We can offer you tours to those exiting places and more. Coscomatepec is located at 45 minutos of volcano “pico de Orizaba” and its forests (around 12km on straight line). We guarantee you that you’re going to be amazed at our natural sceneries, typical towns, typical gastronomy and the best handmade firewood-cooked bread.

Who is attractive?

Áreas verdes de CoscomatepecIf you want to learn about costumes and Mexican culture, Coscomatepec is a magical town with a wide variety of tradition and history. Coscomatepec is an relaxing place far from polluted places where you´re going to experience long days of tranquility, nice weather and the space to do what you want in your own time. If you are interested in enjoying outdoor activities we offer cycling, walking, jogging, rappel, kayaking activities.

What is the typical gastronomy to enjoy?

Beans “Tamales”, “garnachas”, “memelitas”, “chilatole de flor de izote”, “chilatole de elote”, “lamb tezmole”, bread, “panelitas”, orange wine and blackberry wine are some names of tipical and tasty gastronomy offered at “La posada del emperador”.

Special events

From October 1 to 5th, the city celebrates a historic event called “la rupture del sitio de coscomatepec” in memory of the escape of Gen. Nicolás Bravo and citizenss from Spanish army on October 2,1813. Each night from December 1 to 12, the city has folkloric dances called “procesiones” in honor of Guadalupe and “Purisima Concepcion” Virgins.

You Might be Interested to Know that….

Every Monday the city has a street market called “La Plaza” which is the oldest and biggest traditional event of Veracruz State. Since 1943 people come from different cities to buy and sell, organic fruits, vegetables, spices, clots, and other things.

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